Fire SFX.

Fire Special Effects.

Fire special effects for movies are often part of a larger special effects build, from crackling campfires to battlefield fires filling the scene with smoke and flying embers, there's often layered atmospheric effects in place to provide the mood. However, sometimes there's fire without smoke and everything is an effect, like the fire in the grate you see on this page. Not a flame in sight and cold to the touch, but mood is conveyed as the glowing embers of a dying fire.

Safety is absolutely paramount with fire fx, never more so than when doing body burns. Setting a stunt person on fire might be called for when a character has been caught up in another special effect made for the story, especially where pyro and vehicles suddenly come together with, well, a bad guy still in the vehicle... oops.

We're extremely experienced in providing real fire special effects, especially where close proximity to the talent is required, and can guide you on how to achieve the intensity you need with safety and creative freedom.

We've invested in a substantial amount of fire effects gear and fire control equipment, so we know it is maintained to the standard we need and can be relied upon safely to do the job, helping us achieve more in reality so productions need less in CGI.

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